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One gallon of UC2 eliminated all visible emissions in a generator burning 500 gallons of a 70/30 blend of diesel and untreated, used motor oil.

Top Benefits of UC2

  • Eliminates soot, ash, NOx, sulfur, and all particulate matter.

  • Reduces engine and DPF maintenance, saving your truck fleet thousands.

  • Provides better fuel economy due to 100% complete burn.

  • Fully drop-in compatible with ULSD diesel #2 fuel matching the ASTM D975 spec.


Diesel Truck Fleet

"My company buys our diesel from Vegas Renewable Diesel because it is blended with UC2. My trucks run better, get better gas mileage, and give my company a good name because nobody sees any emissions coming out of the tailpipe! I tried diesel additives, but they were much more expensive and didn’t do as thorough of a job. But when I tried diesel with UC2, it was absolutely a game changer. I’ve been running it now for about a year and I will keep running it. I will not buy any other diesel. This is the best product on the market."

Mr. Joel Swartz, Owner/President, The HVAC Connection, Las Vegas, NV


Celebrity Tour Buses

"In Hollywood there is a major movement away from petroleum-based diesel by the A list celebrities and musicians. When we are touring and we cannot get renewable diesel, we go to the next best product: diesel blended with UC2. Top celebrities are making demands as to what fuel their buses will run. I have directed my tour buses to stop in Las Vegas at Vegas Renewable Diesel and fill up with diesel blended with UC2. This is because Top celebrities want no emissions. In addition, my drivers tell me there are almost no regens, my buses get better gas mileage, and run at lower temperatures. Every high profile celebrity has been very pleased knowing our tour buses are not producing harmful emissions and gasses. This is their way of being environmentally responsible. This is truly an amazing breakthrough in cleaning up dirty old diesel."

Mr. Eric Skjerseth, Owner/CEO, Planetary Transportation, Denver, CO


Note: UC2 improves blends containing renewable diesel and biodiesel too.

Trucks of All Sizes and Age

"I run diesel blended with UC2 in my 1999 F350 with over 800,000 miles on this truck. I also run diesel blended with UC2 in all of our fuel delivery Freightliner, Mack, and Peterbilt trucks as well as my personal 2017 F350. In all our fleet and personal vehicles, the most important thing I've noticed is that I have less regenerations and I have a cleaner engine inside. There are many other friends in small businesses with diesel cars, diesel trucks, and actually cranes that are running diesel blended with UC2, who buy from our station. We have had a 110% success rate, and every single user is a pleased customer!"

Mr. Tim Wetzel, CTO and Fuel Consultant, Las Vegas, NV

Diesel Car

"I run a diesel blend with UC2. I’ve noticed that I have better fuel economy, more horsepower and no emissions. I recommend this product. It makes a better diesel and biodiesel."

Mr. Fraser Smith, Independent Consultant, Las Vegas, NV

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