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Who We Are

We are an environmentally responsible company that produces renewable diesel in Las Vegas.  We convert used motor oil into a high quality, high-cetane, ultra-low carbon renewable diesel fuel that meets the ASTM D975 (petroleum based diesel #2) standard through our patented technology. Other petrochemical wastes, seed oils, and animal fats may be added into the mix as well.  Our founder and inventor, Timothy D. Wetzel, has innovated in the renewable fuel space for 30+ years.


Our Mission

VRD is committed to clean and renewable energy now and in the future.

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Commitment to Total Quality

We are dedicated to ensuring that our renewable diesel meets or exceeds the highest industry standards for fuel quality, storage, and handling. Our fuel is drop-in compatible with the ASTM D975 (petroleum diesel #2) standard.


Vegas Renewable Diesel delivers positive environmental and health impacts as well as significant economic benefits to local and regional communities. Cleaner burning fuels means cleaner air, resulting in less asthma and reductions in lung cancer and other respiratory illnesses.

100 %

Amount of waste material Vegas Renewable Diesel uses to produce ultra-low carbon renewable fuel

88 %

Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from using renewable fuel

96 %

Reduction in harmful waste from renewable fuel production versus petroleum diesel refining

66 %

Reduction in hydrocarbon emissions from renewable fuel use