Superlative Lab Report of Clean Diesel #2 Made from Purified Motor Oil

On 5/2/2022, we received back a terrific lab report on our motor oil based fuel as produced at Vegas Renewable Diesel Inc. (VRD). The fuel was a blend of 20% renewable diesel fuel made from the purified motor oil base and 80% petroleum based diesel. Highlights of the report include:

  • Sulfur Level - Just 7ppm sulfur were detected in the fuel sample. This is far below the 15ppm maximum allowed by the ASTM D975 standard. Inventor and founder Timothy Wetzel has produced compliant fuel as low as 2ppm from other feedstocks. Realize that petroleum based diesel starts out at 15ppm sulfur at the refinery, but picks up additional sulfur through the distribution system. Sulfur acts as a lubricant through hoses and such. The 80% petroleum based fuel might have started at 40 to 50ppm of sulfur. VRD's technology greatly reduced the sulfur in all portions of the fuel.

  • Water Content - You don't want water in fuel. Engines don't like water. Water was essentially undetectable in this lab report (see "BS&W % Volume"). Tim refers to his fuel as a very "dry fuel".

  • Residue - Residue - or unburnt fuel - was a mere 1.6%. This means that the fuel is burning more completely, giving a greater burst of power and reducing pollution.

  • Ash Content - A measure of polluting residue remaining after the fuel is burnt. The ash content was essentially undetectable.

  • Cloud Point - This is the fuel's tolerance of cold weather. In cold weather, ice crystals will form in paraffin waxes in diesel fuels. VRD's renewable diesel fuel functions in cold weather down to 2 degrees Fahrenheit (-16.7 Celcius).

  • Copper Strip - This is a measure of corrosion the fuel may cause due to high sulfur levels. A rating of 1A means that corrosion on a copper strip in the fuel was barely noticeable, if at all.

Lab Report May 2022 20pct Purified Motor Oil 80pct Petroleum
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VRD's fuel passed another kind of test conducted by the State of Nevada. Vehicles in Nevada must pass an opacity test, that is measuring the opacity of the vehicle's exhaust, which indicates the amount of smog contributing contaminants.

Tim's old truck with 600,000+ miles on it of his own fuels gave a reading of 5.69% on the opacity meter. The technician was surprised and ran the test again. From a truck that old, the tech expected a reading to 9 to 11%.

Nevada DMV Opacity Test at 5.69pct
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"It's the best fuel on the planet", claims Tim Wetzel. Watch Timothy Wetzel make this fuel and test it in his truck.

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